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By service innovation we mean the customer-specific design and implementation of new services with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of the company.

Successful services require a well-functioning overall system consisting of customers, users and providers - and actual focus on the customer's requirements and benefits to the customer, which need to be analysed constantly. Service innovation therefore deals with both technological and non-technological aspects as well as business model innovation, which are either a prerequisite or a consequence of implementation. Whatever the scenario, implementation requires the support or at least the approval of the company's management. 

The objective  of the service innovation initiative is therefore to encourage companies along the value chain to cooperate in a meaningful way. According to the motto "Innovation through cooperation", companies of every size from all industries should be brought into contact with each other in order to achieve more together. The role of Business Upper Austria - OÖ Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH - is to bring together people from industry, science and education in events, training courses and workshops in order to initiate cooperative projects on a national and international level.

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Mag. Elmar Paireder Manager Mechatronik Cluster der Standortagentur Business Upper Austria Leitung Büro Linz

Mag. Elmar Paireder


Cluster-Manager Linz

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