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More than ever before, industrial production processes are characterised by strong dynamics and are significantly influenced by digitalisation. The challenge is to strengthen overall economic productivity in ever shorter times and with increasing complexity of technical systems by using technology-based organizational improvements in industrial manufacturing processes. Information and communication technologies as well as mechatronics enable the interaction of real and digital systems to enable industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, advanced manufacturing or however you want to call the production of the future. Digitalisation is THE common component. If existing technologies are implemented efficiently, this can make a decisive contribution to increasing process and product quality and thus to increasing the competitiveness of manufacturing companies in Upper Austria. Players within the digital region of Upper Austria offer a wide range of support services. The spectrum ranges from hosting technical events, talks for exchanging experience, offering qualification courses through to participation in joint projects.


Best Practice

Lidauer woodwork specialists, electronics specialist Melecs and machinery factory Albert did the Industry 4.0 Fitness Check together 

Advanced manufacturing and sustainable production optimisation have become essential components for every company in order to survive in the face of competition. To measure Industry 4.0 readiness, the Mechatronics Cluster of the Business Upper Austria location agency has developed the Industry 4.0 maturity level model together with the Institute for Intelligent Production at the Steyr campus of the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences.

For the first time, three companies from different sectors have jointly applied the maturity level model in the "KoReMoAn" project: Lidauer - a woodworking company from Scharnstein, Melecs - an electronics specialist from Lenzing, and Albert - a machinery manufacturer from Gampern.

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Tools & offers

Maturity level model - Industry 4.0

This maturity level model is designed to help you navigate your way through the industry 4.0 jungle - it suggests directions to be taken and measures that can be applied to make companies fit for digital change in the shortest possible time. 

The model serves to measure the industry 4.0 readiness of a company and supports it in identifying and implementing strategic potential in places where a corresponding benefit can be generated. Potentials arise in the form of innovative ideas, e.g. in terms of intelligent networked products, services in the cloud, constant connectivity, big data or digital transformation.

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Mag. Elmar Paireder Manager Mechatronik Cluster der Standortagentur Business Upper Austria Leitung Büro Linz

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