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Expansion of broadband

Broadband is a key economic and competitive factor. Grants are to be used to make widespread broadband Internet a reality in rural areas by 2022. Providing broadband Internet to the population, companies, organizations and educational institutions has become increasingly important during the past decade due to the rapid technological development in the areas of Internet, content and mobile devices. 

The scale is enormous for ultra-fast broadband expansion, Next Generation Access (NGA) based on fibre optics, DOCSIS/HFC networks and other technologies, such as LTE/4G or 5G mobile communications networks: according to current calculations, expansion to provide full coverage would cost around EUR 1.7 billion in total investment.

The schedule for the implementation of the Upper Austrian broadband strategy is divided into three major stages:

  • Next Generation Access I by 2016: high density focus on settlement nodes, around 6000 settlement nodes in all regions are to be connected.
  • Next Generation Access II by 2018: strong focus on consumers. The goal is for half of all inhabitants of Upper Austria to have ultra-fast broadband Internet available (the EU target for ultra-fast network expansion for this 50% mark is 2020).
  • Next Generation Access III by 2022: full coverage expansion for Upper Austria.

In order to support Upper Austrian communities and companies in obtaining fast Internet connections in the best possible way and, above all, to make funding available, the Broadband Office was founded by the commerce department of the province of Upper Austria.

Here you will find information on funding provided by the province of Upper Austria.

Broadband office Upper Austria
Krottenseestraße 45
4810 Gmunden
Phone: 07612 / 9003 DW-3210 
Email: zukunft@breitband-ooe.at