Digital stress

The digital component has become the dominant feature in the design of our working environment. The effects of digital transformation are apparent to a large extent, but the effects on employees and organisations need to be analysed in detail especially from the point of view of maintaining a healthy workplace and employee satisfaction.

In cooperation with the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences, the Human Resources Network and the IT Cluster are therefore planning a qualification seminar entitled "Digital Stress". Here, companies will have the opportunity to qualify and train employees in digital and technological stress prevention.

In the five full-day modules tailored to the participants' needs, the acceptance of the changes caused by digital transformation is to be gained and the stress in human-computer interaction in the organisational context are to be minimised. Stress-prevention measures will be developed, and we will demonstrate how these measures can be integrated into the everyday life of the company.

The application for a qualification seminar funded by the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency) is already in full swing; the first 10 companies will be given a training voucher worth EUR 1,500!

If you need more information on this project, the Human Resources Network would be pleased to receive your enquiry!